Learn how to quickly and easily setup you first NodePress JS site.

Assuming you have downloaded the NodePress JS CMS zip file.

Step 1:

Create a folder on your C:\ call it demo. In this folder, unzip all the files and folder in this folder.

Step 2:

Open a command prompt and direct it to the folder C:\demo .

Step 3:

Install "Nodemon". In your command prompt type in: npm i nodemon This will ensure that your site will run correctly.

After nodemon has been installed, in your command prompt type in: nodemon app . Your command prompt should look like this:C:\demo\nodemon app

Step 4:

Open up your browser and goto  localhost

Now you will see the setup screen. Fill in those simple few things and click on the "Install NodePress" button. 

After that,  you will be prompted to log into your very first NodePress JS site. 

Watch the video below to configure your first NodePress JS site