In order for you to use NodePress JS platform, you will need have 2 things installed:

1) Node JS - step by step guide on how to install node js 

2) MongoDB - a quick guide on how to install mongodb

Here is a quick Getting Started Guide

Download the latest NodePress JS version : 1

Download NodePress JS CMS

Themes Section

Below are some sample themes you can use for your NodePress JS site or modify them to fit your needs.

NodePress JS Theme

This is a default theme. It has 2 columns with black navigation and a sidebar and footer. 


This has one column and a footer and feature image for your blog posts page.

NodePress JS Theme 2

This has one column and  a footer and but no image for your blog posts page.

Plugin Section

Just upload the below plugins to your NodePress JS site.

Contact Form

This will allow you add contact form to your posts, pages or widgets.

Disqus Comments

With this plugin you can use disqus platform for you comments.

Google Analytics

This plugin will help you use google analytics to keep track of your site visitors.

Mix Content

This plugin easily solves your mix content (https to http or http to https) issues.

No Comment

With just one click you can hide all of your comments and disallow anyone from commenting in the future.


This plugin will add nofollow to all of your external links and add alt tag description to your images that are missing it.

YouTube Responsive Videos

This plugin will automatically make your embed(iframe) youtube videos responsive so all of them will adjust to your visitors screen.